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K-Luv 98.6 Lover’s Only Radio

KLUV 98.6 on the FM Band is Big Prairie's Premiere Radio Station for love songs. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Deep of the Night with Johnny Deep

Johnny is the voice of this quiet desperation. Johnny articulates the mood and feeling of it. He speculates on love, on longing, and the quiet hope people want to have for those unvoiced feelings of emotional claustrophobia that we all feel.

Cheating and Hurting with Miss Katie Lee

Country Classics with a twinge of hurt. The darker side of Country comes around.

Take a ride and break a heart with Katie Lee on KLUV's hit broadcast starring our resident expert of rural romance and unforgotten Country - Miss Katie Lee.

R&B and Everything in Between
with Elija Pitts Jr.

Hits that touch your soul, funk that moves your feet. From Mississippi Delta to James Brown and everything in between.

Jazz Crusaders with Bob and Bob

Join Bob and Bob for Jazz Standards and Late Night Talk on KLUV's premiere Jazz broadcast hosted by Big Prairie's own Bobs.

Classical and Beyond with the Professor

Join the Professor every Sunday morning while he spins the wax from Mozart to opera to show tunes. Our professor of musicology plays it all. It's classical, it's classic. Listen to the radio show that all the other hosts listen to.

Top 20 & Forgotten 45s with Hot Carl

The top songs from then, now and what will be with your host Hot Carl. Hot Carl digs into his collection of 45s for one-hit wonders and songs that generations sang along to.

Who-done-it to Ramona?

Vote Your Ramona Suspect

Johnny - 21.1%
Craig - 18.4%
Gus - 23.7%
Carol - 10.5%
Trask - 5.3%
Ramona - 21.1%

Total votes: 38
The voting for this poll has ended on: May 9, 2017

Who-done-it to Craig?

Vote Your Craig Suspect

Johnny - 5.9%
Ramona - 11.8%
Carol - 14.7%
Gus - 17.6%
Trask - 11.8%
Craig - 32.4%

Total votes: 34
The voting for this poll has ended on: May 9, 2017


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TOP 3: Mona Del Rey

MONA DEL REY'S Top 3 Desert Island LPs

  1. Santana - Caravanserai 
  2. Alejandra Guzman - Cambio de Piel
  3. Maná - Donde Jugaran los Niños?


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