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Episode 2 of Deep of the Night

{AC}Deep of the Night
Title: answering machine innuendo
35mm (Fujifilm)
Duration: 6:30min
Year: 2008


Johnny: Shaun Johnston
Ramona: Kristine Nutting
Gus: Angelo Mysterioso


Director: Dave Morgan
Cinematography: Rick Gustavsen
Assistant Director: Joel Higham
Lighting: Matt Vest
Art Direction: Jeremy Rittwage
Editor: Joel Higham

ACBRAnswering machine innuendo is the discovery of a crime scene. Johnny discovers Ramona dead on the lobby floor at the McLeod building. The film is hauntingly accompanied by Wendy McNeill's beautifully sad song And You.

This episode help establish the pacing for the series, the world of Deep of the Night is portrayed with almost no movement, slow and languid. The film was produced as part of a FAVA (Film and Video Arts Society - Alberta) initiative for the cooperative's 25th Anniversary.


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