Prairie Torch Song

Prairie Torch Song


Title: Prairie Torch Song 
35mm/ S16mm 
Duration: 5:14min
Year: 2008


Wendy McNeill 
Dave Morgan
Rick Gustavsen 
Joel Higham 
Matt Vest 
Jeremy Rittwage 
Derek ("Buzz") Sharplin
Steve Pirot as Dave
Shellaine Sparrow
Wes Borg
Garry Crawford
Scott Portingale


Director: Dave Morgan
Cinematography: Rick Gustavsen
Production Manager: Rachel Livingstone
Assistant Director: Joel Higham
Lighting: Matt Vest
Art Direction: Jeremy Rittwage
Editor: Joel Higham


Prairie Torch Song follows Wendy McNeill through the patient moments of her tour through a movie set. The piece is set to Wendy’s “Cigarettes and You” and  Wendy visits each of the crew members in their quiet moments. Everyone is taking a smoke break. 

In 2008 a small crew took over the sound stage of the Victoria Composite High School, mentoring students and working collaboratively to put all the crew on camera through an elaborate dance of activity.


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