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The Pitch: Deep of the Night

{AC}Deep of the Night
A Story of Love, Death and Radio

Deep of the Night is the story of late night DJ Johnny Deep. He is the Midnight to 4am man at KLUV 98.6. Love songs 24hrs a day 365 days a year. This is the story of a city and a man all one small step behind the rhythm of life.

Ramona, our tragic heroine.

Craig, Ramona’s earstwhile boyfriend, a nasty piece of work.

Gus, the security guard who feels and fears his own mortality.

Carol, the late night weather girl, who’s the only one in time with the rhythm of life.

It is the story of Johnny's late night listeners and everyone’s just slightly out of tune.

It’s raining, and it will continue to rain. All radios are tuned by some unknown force to KLUV. Johnny is the voice of quiet desperation, a speculator on love, on longing, and the quiet hope people want to have. Deep of the Night is above all a mystery, a story of love and death and who did what to whom.

Process is at the core of this project, to tell a story, to set the characters and story in motion: vignettes. The style and development of the story becomes a shared experience, serial filmmaking and a cooperative vision. We’re motivated to work together and felt the individual episodes would stand alone as short films and when strung together would complete a story arc. 

ACBRSerials were short subjects originally shown in theatres in conjunction with a feature film. They were related to pulp fiction serialized fiction. They were extended motion pictures broken into a number of segments. Each chapter was screened at the same theatre for one week. Deep of the Night offers a unique opportunity and experience on the web. The plan is based on the historical movie serial or the episodic film. We plan to adapt this to a modern film noir mystery format.

There is an interactive web site where current episodes are available and a detailed moving timeline. Instituted this for the cast and crew it allows us to interact with each other and the story, write an episode and post, create scenarios for the characters and allow our fellow team members the opportunity to deconstruct, add or expand. When done, we will post an episode per week, encourage interactivity with the viewer, solicit comments, give the viewer a chance to put the episodes in a different order. This will alter the story and give it new meaning – pushing experimental structure.

Democratic suspense, an investment in story and characters, will allow the audience to pick the good guy, the bad guy, and the narrator’s point of view. We have shot we purposely left some key points vague and shot alternative endings to episodes. We will post the endings and let people choose.

As well as the website we plan to use social media as an alert mechanism by posting when new episodes appear, comments from viewers and blogs from cast and crew.



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