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Deep of the Night

Deep of the Night: an episodic film noir about love, death and radio.

K-LUV 98.6 is a Big Prairie radio station that plays love songs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Tonight, the air waves are silent.

Two K-LUV listeners, Craig and Ramona, are dead. Two K-LUV employees, Carol and Johnny, are missing. And one K-LUV security guard, Gus, has a story to tell. 

It’s Detective Sgt Trask’s last night on the job, and while being stuck in an interrogation room with a quirky witness is hardly his idea of a retirement party, solving this mystery could be his happy ending. 

But as Gus recounts his version of the events leading up to the crime - the misadventures of ill-fated lovers Ramona and Craig and the intentions of Johnny and Carol, who are conspiring to make things right - it all begins to paint a picture far more complex than Trask bargained for.

Every story has two sides. And this story could incriminate or absolve any one of the players, depending on who’s listening.



In Big Prairie, all dials are tuned to “Deep of the Night”, Johnny’s late night radio show. Johnny is the voice of quiet desperation as he speculates on love, longing, and the emotional claustrophobia we all feel. His ruminations are reasoned, but his unrequited love for his colleague Carol reveals an inner torment. Carol, the late night weather girl and Ramona’s dutiful best friend, has a solid moral compass. But has her desire to save her friend thrown Carol off course? Ramona is circling the drain of depression and looking blindly for love in a dead end relationship with Craig: it’s possible her desperation has resulted in a deadly mistake. Or did her erstwhile boyfriend Craig make a decision he can’t come back from? And how about the security guard Gus; who is also an ex-officer with the Big Prairie Police Department - his recollections of the events are incredible. One might even say inventive.  

So who did what? And to whom? 

Deep of the Night is a character driven suspense; a late night listeners’ tale of love and death, and everyone is just slightly out of tune.



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