Deep of the Night is a story that has evolved over time. And it continues to evolve right here on this website. We've integrated comments and voting polls into the site for direct feedback from our audience. Who do you think did what to whom?ACBR

Our team has been working on this film as an episodic series for years. Each team member has helped steer this story in some way. And now you can join the team. Watch the videos, read the scripts, find the clues, and build the story your way.{/AC}.


A film is a world that doesn’t really exist. Much like a company is a person that doesn’t really exist. In both situations we try to make it as real as possible so that its story or message might stick to our audience.

Who-done-it to Ramona?

Vote Your Ramona Suspect

Johnny - 21.1%
Craig - 18.4%
Gus - 23.7%
Carol - 10.5%
Trask - 5.3%
Ramona - 21.1%

Total votes: 38
The voting for this poll has ended on: May 9, 2017

Who-done-it to Craig?

Vote Your Craig Suspect

Johnny - 5.9%
Ramona - 11.8%
Carol - 14.7%
Gus - 17.6%
Trask - 11.8%
Craig - 32.4%

Total votes: 34
The voting for this poll has ended on: May 9, 2017

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